We're extremely honored to announce that we are auctioning 30 limited edition, signed black and white Dead Sara digital print posters created by the legendary Bob Masse. The posters are hand numbered and signed by both Bob and all Dead Sara band members. Each poster measures 24 in. x 16 in. For information on the incredible Bob Masse, check out his info here:

There are a total of 30 auctions being held. There is one auction for each numbered poster. You can bid on any numbered poster in the series and there is no limit to the number of posters on which you can bid/re-bid. The minimum bid is $40/per poster. The highest bidder at the end of each auction will receive the signed and numbered poster in that auction as described above. The auctions end at 10:00 pm Eastern on November 6th.

This is a ONE-TIME offering of 30 signed, numbered, limited edition, black and white versions of this poster.

**In order to participate in the auction, please register for an account here: Once you receive your confirmation email after registration, you will need to set up an account password and establish a user profile. ***Should you wish for your bid to remain anonymous, please register/create your account using a name that is not your given name as bid histories will show the name(s) of the bidders.***

In order to place bids, you MUST be logged into your account. You can login here:

You can also access the main auction page by visiting the Viscount home page at and selecting Store/Auctions at the top of the page, or by going directly to the main auction page here:

Once you have reached the auction home page, you can log in and access all 30 auctions to place your bids.

Good luck and happy bidding!!!

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Dead Sara Bob Masse Black and White Poster